As a 'born in the digital era' marketing agency,
we have been challenging brands to innovate at the intersection of data, creative & technology.


We partnered with Unilever to create engaging, unified and interactive experiences for their portfolio of 400+ brands (across channels, devices and applications) that reside at the intersection of technology, creativity, data and insights.

Challenge Platform Experience Through Unification of Web Experiences

Digital transformation through unified web experiences

When Unilever wanted to streamline and consolidate the end-to-end digital experiences on a unified platform – Adobe Experience Cloud – across their portfolio of 400+ brands, they also needed a partner who could help them scale.

The finer specifics of the engagement required us to work within their well-defined and stringent framework, adhere to each brand’s unique brand guidelines, and collaborate with a multitude of functional teams, while finding opportunities to increase the agility and speed up the build process through automation – all without compromising on standards or quality of delivery.

From ramping up our teams rapidly to working with a portfolio of brands across geographies, Langoor has delivered more than 800 interactive experiences for Unilever over the last 4 years. This includes new brand website launches, website migration from other platforms to AEM, UI refresh, website enhancements with complementary features, website support and maintenance, and digital marketing (including search, programmatic display, and email marketing).

This has helped Unilever to rapidly enhance their technology platform, significantly improve their consumers’ web experiences, and get a unified and microscopic view of their users’ behavior – affording the opportunity to continuously improve the overall web experience.

Digital Consulting (Health & Nutrition)

After acquiring a string of nutrition brands, Unilever wanted to carve out a niche in the health and nutrition space (and demonstrate their house view on the category), without having to directly promote any single brand from their portfolio. They reached out to Langoor to provide a digital perspective and roadmap for achieving this objective.

Langoor created a non-branded content platform that gave consumers easy access to authentic and trust-worthy nutrition information through a unique healthcare ecosystem play involving the larger HCP nutrition fraternity.

The platform we created didn’t just help us engineer network effects (in which participation of some improved the lives of many others), but also disrupted the traditional way of disseminating healthcare and nutrition information (by leveraging the intelligence, creativity, and passion of a large network).

By clearly defining the ecosystem entities we wanted to focus on (producer, partner, and consumer) and the experiences that would help us build a relationship with them, we were able to aggregate a team of experts focused on beauty, fitness, nutrition, and rejuvenation. And matchmake them with the right cohort of consumers looking to enhance their knowledge of nutrition and wellness, through value exchanges that were easier, cheaper, and faster.

The platform was built on exploratory research and empirical analysis of the nutrition category – specifically: traffic volume analysis, advanced keyword analysis, customer segmentation analysis, pillar-cluster analysis, white space analysis, and cohort analysis of platform participants.

While the platform was built to capture consumer / HCP behavior, trends, and first party data, over time, it has also become a de facto destination for audiences looking to explore and better understand the universe of nutrition.

Gamification to accelerate product adoption

When done right, gamification can help enhance user experience and accelerate product adoption.

Unilever wanted to create a platform with an inventory of gamified functions / features that can be leveraged by portfolio brands for their websites. And help users stay on their websites by completing particular tasks and achieving defined goals.

Using the Octalysis framework, Langoor created a modular SaaS-based product with gamification features that included competition badges, multi-stage challenges, virtual points, mystery box, scratch and win rewards, progress bars, and social discovery.

By creating a bouquet of gamification features that can be plugged into any website / app to engage and reward users for their loyalty, Unilever was able to gain valuable shopper insights for future innovation and build meaningful connections with their consumers.

The ecosystem we architected was a two-part system:

Tech implementation (framework construct: hosting infra, application system, web components, platform interface, client onboarding).

Business implementation (framework construct: client onboarding, enablement, configuration, implementation).

By building a like-for-like prototype (using WordPress and JavaScript) we were able to demonstrate that a gamification feature built on a platform elsewhere can be embedded and executed on any consumer site.

New Tech / AEM Migration

Unilever was using multiple web platforms (and a host of third party integrations) to deliver the web experience for its portfolio of 400+ brands. The architecture of these platforms was widely disparate leading to differences in how the experience rendered across form factors.

We helped Unilever move to a unified platform on Adobe Experience Manager resulting in faster deliveries and saved revenue.

As part of the pilot initiative – we helped migrate 52 websites for 3 brands (across multiple geographies), by building an automation tool that automated the migration process (reducing the time-to-migration by over 35%).

The cascading impact of this was on downstream functions like marketing and user experience.